Hiv Finger prick rapid test


Dear Doc. I had one time unprotected sex with unknown HIV status it was 78 days ago , i was testing almost weekly with finger prick rapid tests with many manufacturers , i use to get 3 or 4 types or kits and make it at the same time and all comes negative , that's what i did today with 4 different tests and came out negative am doing all this because am so worry and planing to get marry this summer , can you just help me what is my status i have not seen any doctor because the rapid test doesn't required doctors i do myself at home , am i in risk ? is the finger prick test accurate in the mentioned times i did it up to today date ?thanks for this site


At-home rapid tests are very reliable. You can test again one more time at 90 days. I am 100% confident that your test result will remain negative.

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