HIV fear and OCD


Dear, I am living in a hostel. We live in dormitories. HIV positive detected colloquies are also stay in my dormitory. We share same bathroom. Due to shortage of place in my dormitory, the wet wears including underwear are dried up one upon other in the same clothing line. Will mixing up of underwear used by HIV + personnel will anyway make infectious to others? Washing cloths in the same bathroom is safe where things (wash basins, floor tiles) may contaminated by their body fluid? We share mobile phone also. What happen if any drop of their body fluid gone into mobile phone in the way of saliva, etc? I fear to touch mobile phone nowadays. We share hair oil, gum. What happen if any drop of body fluid mix with those? So, I fear to use hair oil and fear to touch any sticky objects like gum, oil, adhesive tape, grease etc. Doctors say, Sperm cell live as long as it is wet. Will HIV sperm (through their wet wears) survive in leather objects like shoes, purses, and bag as the way it absorbs sweat? Will it survive in the socks and socks when used with leather? Will HIV virus survive in the books /dictionary used by them later used by me? I fear to ride motor cycles driven by them in the fear that the handle grip may contain grease. Are these fears are rational? Please clarify my doubt. Thanking you.


HIV cannot be transmitted by casual contact, like living in the same area, riding the same motor cycle, drying underwear on the same line, sharing mobile phones, sharing hair oil, adhesive tape, books, purses, socks, etc.