HIV from eating after someone?


So, I was at my school lunch, as per usual, and I got up to fetch a drink, leaving my unfinished food behind. While I was gone, apparently someone who was less fortunate than I decided to take a bite of my beef taquito. Not knowing this, I sat back down and finished up, and was not alerted to his doings until after the fact. Now, I have no idea whether or not this is a sick gag, or the truth, but the guy who I ate after claims to have AIDS. (Of course, I find this unlikely as he displays all the symptoms of not knowing how the disease works, Ex: "Uh, yeah, my doctor says I'm going to die from it in a year". Which I do not believe to be a true statement, as the disease is not that predictable, as far as I understand, but I digress) even though I highly doubt he does, IF he does, is it possible to get the HIV virus from eating after someone who does have it? Keep in mind, this taquito had most likely been sitting out for 30 seconds, at least, before I came back to, and only one bite was taken by the supposed carrier. If it IS possible, perhaps could you supply what sounds to you to be a reasonable percent-chance of that happening. Thanks, Nintendoguy


Hey Nintendo Guy,

Your HIV risk is completely nonexistent. Your guess about the beef taquito biter's HIV/AIDS knowledge is correct: he's most likely just trying to scare you. In the process he's just making himself look even more like a loser. Next time he tells you he's going to die next year, just look surprised and say, "WOW! Really!?! What great news!!"

Dr. Bob