hiv duo test after 13 months


hi sir/mam i am male from india, i had sexsual exposure with sex worker and she was hiv positive and the condom broke for 1 or 2 seconds then i changed then after i did pcr proviral dna pcr test aftr 45 days the result was non reactive then after 6 weeks rapid test for hiv1/2 the result was negative then after 3 months elisa result was non reactive then after 5 months elisa result was negative then after 6 months 4th generation elisa test the result was also non reactivethen after 8 months westernblot test that was also negative, then after 8 months rna pcr viral load test for hiv 1 the result was <20 means not detected but sir my cd4 cell is going to decrease LYMPHOCYTE SUBSET ENUMERATION, BLOOD % CD3+/CD45+ (T-CELLS) 68.1 59 - 84 % ABSOLUTE CD3+ LYMPHOCYTE COUNT L 629 716 - 2130 /ìL % CD3+/CD4+ (T-HELPER CELLS) 45.8 26 - 48 % ABSOLUTE CD4+ LYMPHOCYTE COUNT 423 354 - 1100 /ìL % CD3+/CD8+ (T-SUPPRESSOR CELLS) 19.2 18 - 41 % ABSOLUTE CD8+ LYMPHOCYTE COUNT L 177 192 - 980 /ìL CD4/CD8 RATIO H 2.39 0.57 - 2.03 then after 9 months tested by two rapid tests kits result was negative ,now i did 3rd generation hiv rapid test after 10 months the result is negative then after 10,11 and now 12 months sd bioline3.0 rapid test all were negative and now after 13 months i did duo test from dr lal path lab the result is negative but i have white coated toung from 13 months and pain on it and back pain, dry cough also, phelgem, fatigue, stiffness in neck, white sports on shoulders and musles weekness fatigue. i want to know is hiv testing gives accurate result after 13 months or i have to wait more, i want to marry but what i do now pls help me i am soo scared about hiv pls help me......


All of your testing (well beyond any possible recommendation) have been negative. In fact I am surprised that you haven't had a "false positive" test in all of these.

Even your CD4 counts and T cell counts are not consistent with HIV infection. Your CD3 (total T cell count) is low, which may be a normal varient or done during a cold or after a vaccination or steroid use. The balance of all the T cell subsets is normal. HIV causes an imbalance of these subsets, so there is no eveidence at all for HIV infection. One thing that may cause all of these symptoms may be tuberculosis (which can also lower the CD3 count). Have your doctor check you for TB. No further need for HIV testing.