HIV+Dry mouth when I sleep


I been hiv+ for about 8yrs and my T-cell is about 800 T-cell and viral load is UD I take Zerit-Viramune and Epivir when I go to sleep I wakeup with exteremly dry mouth and I never had that kind or problem until I started taking the HIV Med

I tell my doc but he don't seem to care what can be done


I'm not sure what will fix this. It's common for people to experience dryness with indinavir (Crixivan), but not the medications you're taking. I'm not 100% sure that the two things are related, and I think the only way you'd know for sure is if your meds were changed. But with your CD4 count and viral load doing so well, do you really want to try that for something that is inconvenient but not all that serious?