HIV+ & dies 1 year later


Dear Doc,

My girlfriend tested HIV- in Oct 2000. In Dec 2001 she got sick; cough and vomit whitish bubbles. This coughing would last for about 10 minutes and then she would be fine. She then complained about fast heart beat, breathlessnes and sometimes her temperature would flatuate (feeling cold in hot weather) In Dec 2001 she tested HIV+ and was admitted to Hospital (diagnosis: pneumonia). She was discharged after 2 days but then two weeks later she complained about fast heartbeat and she past away. After a day or two after her death she developed a swollen thyroid gland. What could have caused her death? Is it HIV related? Swollen glands after her death?


I am sorry to hear of your girlfriend's death. Thre is no way for me to know what she dies of-- it sounds like at may have been a severe case of pneumonia, and even HIV- people can die from pneumonia. It makes no sense that anything could have become swollen after her death-- I think the facts have gotten confused about what happened when.

Please accept my sympathies for your loss.