Is this "hiv cure/help" true or scam?


Called the ANTIDOTE

"No major drug company wants you to get your hands on it. Drug companies would be losing billions every day if this product was on the shelf next to their major brands"

Is this a scam?



If it wasn't a scam, do you think I'd still be HIV positive and taking 30+ pills, powders and potions every day?

I don't even have to look this turkey up. It has scam written all over it. For instance, I wonder if heartless, shameless cretins who thought this one up realize that HIV is a virus and that their "antidote's" Web address is "kill bacteria." Viruses and bacteria are two completely different germs.

This scammer should be sent to the slammer for misleading impressionable minds. Of course, if that were an imprisonable offense, the entire Bush/Cheney administration would be working on the chain gang.

Dr. Bob