HIV and chronic morning pain and fatigue


Having read so many posts on joint pain, fatigue etc on this forum and my doctor's inability to give me a concrete answer except "Perhaps that is just one effect of HIV", should I and others just accept it as a way life we just have to cope with? I mean, I hate painkillers. Am HIV positive 15 years and on meds. Symptoms almost completely disappeared when I lived in Africa from Nov 09 to June 2010. Could it be the winter?


Chronic pain is a common problem in the general population with chronic pain and fatigue perhaps even more common in HIV+ persons. Often cause is unclear and treatment unsatisfactory as you suggest. For some patients warmer climates do seem to help relieve pain. Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, depression, de-conditioning, mitochondrial toxicity from meds, and many other factors may be involved though difficult to pin down and treat effectively with our current state of knowledge. KH