HIV Carriers, inconsistency in answers.


I know that the question whether or not HIV carrirers test negative has been answered by Dr. Frascino.

But then I've found this. A women found out after 2 yrs of having negitive blood test for HIV, have positive blood test (Question answered by Dr. Young). I thought the window period is 3-6 months.

Then in this site, I've found out that there are people who are immune to HIV. Which leaves me thinking that is it possible to have negative test results but able to transmit the virus?

I am not accusing anyone of giving misinformation in this site. I just want someone to help me to connect the dots and to know that after 1 year of HIV monitoring (negative after 8.5 months), may i finally put this behind me?

I'll be very grateful to whoever that replies with a definite answer.


There's no inconsistency here at all, perhaps confusion on terminology.

There is no such thing as a HIV-negative carrier. Definitely.

If one "carries" the virus, their test is HIV positive.

If you have a negative test result and you're well past the "window" period, you cannot transmit a virus that you don't have (or "carry").