HIV and body piercings


I scrolled through the previous questions and have not found one similar and am really hoping you'd take a couple minutes to help me out! 5 years ago I got my belly-button pierced. I took a friend with me to watch to make sure everything was ok with the piercing procedures. We both saw the needle come from a new (appeared new anyway) package and the jewelry itself was the display and the lady said she would sterlilze it. Well, a few months ago I heard that this place was shut down for some reason and it has me absolutely terrified. I have never had sex and I am getting married in 4 weeks. I'm wondering what, if any, my risk is for HIV. I've researched testing sites in my area and there are no annonymous ones, and with the confidential ones i'm scared because of my career.



Dubya and his cronies are cutting off funds to states that have anonymous testing sites. That's why such sites are getting harder to locate. Cases like yours are prime examples of how this policy is going to discourage people from getting tested.

That aside, I would say your risk is negligible to nonexistent and I do not feel testing is warranted.

Good luck on your upcoming nuptials! (And remember to vote the current rightwing politicians out of office in November!)

Dr. Bob