HIV and blood-test results


Dear Dr.Holodniy, Im 37. Ive been HIV positive since April 2007, so far not on meds, but my latest CD4 count and a regular blood test results showed that something is going on?! CD4 count fell from 640(34%) in February, to 395 (30%) in June. Some other relevant results which used to be OK are now either elevated or decreased: WBC 3.06 (relevant 4.0-10.8), PLT 215 (130-400), %NEUT 37.8 (40-74), %MONO 9.3 (3.4-9.0), %LUC 4.6 (0.0-4.0), #NEUT 1.2 (1.9-8.0) Does this has something to do with the current virus activity? Does this mean that it is time for starting with the meds? And if so, can I expect with starting the meds that my blood results will be fine again or I still have to combine with some other meds/supplements in order to make the blood results within the normal values?


You don't indicate what your viral load levels were with those CD4 counts. That seems like a big drop unless you have very high viral loads or some other active medical problem or infection was occurring at the time of the second test. I would likely wait on the meds and just retest at your next visit to see if the fall in CD4 count is a real trend or not.