HIV blood from bandaid in soda. Please help me!!!!!!



I have a very serious question and would be forever grateful to whom may ever can help me. Recently I went to a show with my brothers who are the ages of 8, 13, and 16. We went to the concession stand and while getting ready to pay I noticed that the woman who was preparing our drinks was wearing a bandaid on her finger. I saw the woman's bandaid while attached to her finger touch the liquids. I saw this occur but the potential danger did not strike me until after we left the stand because I was too distracted by all the commotion and bustling around me. Even though I know you can not tell physically, thinking back now it is very frightening because she did not look like the cleanest of people. We all drank the drinks and now I fear that if the woman did God forbid have HIV, the bandaid could have prevented oxygen from killing the HIV blood leaving the blood moist and making it easily transmittable through the liquid sodas once the two came into contact. I do not know whether or not we had cuts in our mouths or lips but I am really scared and do not know which way to turn. My youngest brother is missing a tooth and I do not know if his gums could be vulnerable in that particular area. Please help me. I would really appreciate your help during this time of need.


Hello there No. There is no risk of getting HIV from blood that has been sitting outside of a human body. Even if the woman was infected, HIV begins to die once it leaves the body and becomes unable to infect anyone else. Just a reminder, you cannot tell someone has HIV from how they look. Take care LHW