HIV anemia tiredness vs. exhaustion


Hello, Could you tell me the difference between HIV anemia tiredness and HIV anemia exhaustion?'re the best. You always make me smile. Smiley


Hello Smiley,

Can I tell you the difference between being tired and being exhausted? Hmmmmm - is this a trick question? Well, let's see. There is an old proverb that might help: "Man who runs in front of car gets TIRED while man who runs behind car gets EXHAUSTED." Does that help?

OK, seriously, tiredness or exhaustion is just a measure of severity of fatigue. Anemia can be mild and cause only mild exercise intolerance or moderate, causing chronic tiredness, or more severe, leading to complete exhaustion. It can also cause lots of other symptoms as well, such as shortness of breath, paleness, headaches, decreased sex drive, and inability to concentrate. The important thing is to find out if your fatigue (tiredness or exhaustion) is related to anemia. If so, it's then equally important to determine what is the cause of the anemia. If it's HIV-related anemia of chronic disease or AZT-induced anemia, then the treatment of choice would be Procrit. Procrit stimulates the production of new red blood cells. More red blood cells mean more energy. It has a proven safety track record and has been shown in clinical trials to improve not only energy levels, but also quality of life.

Hope that helps.

Maybe you'll find that old proverb in a fortune cookie one of these days.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob