HIV / AIDS Transitions


  1. My partner & I just tested positive. Him CD4<70 VL>800000 & very sick. Diagnosis AIDS. When his counts change C4 +200 & VL undetect; does diagnosis change back to HIV+ or has there been so much comprimise that he'll still have AIDS?
  2. I'm waiting on my counts - 6'4 220# & strong as an ox. Is it posible I carry some super virus in me that has deterriated him so badly but hasn't effected me? (yet)


  1. In biologic/clinical terms, the answer is yes, after the immune system has been mostly restored with HIV treatment and the CD4 count remains consistently above 200, then one is not considered to have AIDS anymore.
  2. Unknown. You will have to see what your numbers show. How your body controls HIV is dependent on the viral strain and your underlying immune system.