My husband has AIDS and I am HIV positive. He has had a CD4 count 3 times that has been below 200. His as of now is 185. He hasn't been on meds for about 2 years. The doctor is waiting on his viral load right now. He has had shaking legs and his body jumps. He kicks in bed in pain at night. The doctor thinks it may be restless leg and he is on requip for this. The jumping and pain is getting worse. Could his legs, arms and body be jumping from something that is AIDS-related? I've looked on the internet for anything that would help us but noithing has. We are very discouraged. My husband feels that he is fighting a losing battle. Thank you.


It is really difficult to say what the symptoms are, and it would be important to understand if they originate in the peripheral nerves, the spine or higher up. There are tests to help with this and you should be discussing this with your doctor. I would say the most important thing now is to start back on HIV medications, regardless of the viral load result. The best thing you can do to fight off anything is to have a better immune system...something that can most easily be accomplished by going back on treatment for HIV.