When is it HIV/AIDS


Is there a criteria for when you say you are HIV+ or you have aids. If you have a cd4 count of 114 and have had one cancer that has been cured am I still HIV or is my diagnosis now AIDS?


"AIDS" is when you have been diagnosed with an AIDS-defining illness, such as Kaposi sarcoma or PCP, regardless of your CD4 cell count, OR when your CD4 cells have fallen below 200, regardless of whether you have been sick from your HIV infection yet. Everything else is "HIV infection". On some level, this distinction is purely semantics (wordplay), because CD4 cell counts are something that is continuous from zero to over 1,000, and all that separates a count of 199 from a count of 200 is a single cell, which is well within the limit of biologic variation. From what you've told me, you have "AIDS", but don't let that get you down.