I haven't posted here for a couple years at least. Closer to when Dr.Bob passed away. I have been HIV pos since around the late mid to late 90's and had cryto meningitis in 05. I noticed that while my HIV is under control I do get forgetful at times and have asked a friend (Dr.) about this and he stated it could be from the history of menegitis and not the HIV itself. So, I am thinking it could be from the meningitis which I doubt I is reversible. I do work out about four days a week which helps and am a blogger for companies which helps cognitive skills. Given my history and my age which is 51 I wonder if I could theoretically live another 20 years. I gave up drinking alcohol ten years ago, eat tons of salads and have a good family support system. I do have a history of depression which probably began when my dad killed himself when I was 17. Ive also been a US Marine and USNR reservist. Any thoughts on life expectancy in regards to my HIV appreciated. )0 viral and 800 CD4 count Thanks!


First of all, congratulations on actively trying to stay healthy.

The great news is that you belong to a small group of people aging with HIV that have normal CD4 cell counts. You did not mention how low your CD4 cells got to before you started HIV treatment, though.

As you have probably read, our life expectancy is approaching that of healthy people. This is especially true for people like you with high CD4 cells.

It seems to me that you are already doing all you can to stay healthy by eating well, exercising, finding support and being aware of any depressive episodes due to your history.

I have answered this question before to people with different circumstances than you:

Life Expectancy and HIV

Recent study on life expectancy in HIV:

Keep doing what you are doing, have your annual physical, protect your heart by keeping your lipids under control, have an high resolution anoscopy every two to three years, and and stay positive about the future. We can only do so much to minimize our risks of death while we age waiting for a cure.

In health,