does hiv affect the uterus?


my girlfriend and i have been haveing sex with out a condom. i was diagnosed with hiv last year, she knows but now is afraid that it will eat up her uterus. is this something she has to be concerned about? and she also likes to give me oral, if she swallows my semen, will the stomach acid eat the hiv infection?



". . . eat up her utirus"???? Hmmm . . . no, this is not a legitimate worry; however, that doesn't mean your girlfriend doesn't have anything to worry about. You are HIV positive. Therefore, if you are having unprotected sex, you are placing your girlfriend at risk for acquiring the virus. Unprotected oral sex carries a much lower risk.

I suggest:

  1. Stop having unprotected sex immediately. Use a latex condom each and every time.

  2. Spend some time reading about HIV-transmission risks and safer sexual practices. This information is readily available on this site and related links.

  3. Your girlfriend will need to get HIV tested now and three and six months after your last unprotected episode.

  4. Talk to your HIV/AIDS specialist about HIV-transmission risks. It may be helpful if your girlfriend attends this visit with you.

  5. Read the information in the archives of this forum related to magnetic couples (one HIV positive, the other HIV negative).

Bottom line: "eating up the utirus" is not a problem, but unsafe sex definitely is.

Good luck to you both.

Dr. Bob