HIV accute symptoms


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I am male 27 years old. I have had unprotected vaginal sex with unknown HIV status girl, two times. the span between the two sexual contact was 2 month. after the second sexual contact I experienced infection in my glands which is normal to me during winter with runny nose that continued for two weeks. I took a course of antibiotic (Augmentin 1000mg * 2 daily) and I ended up with Yeast infection in my esophagus only, with burning sensation in genitals and higher parts of legs and hands. (symptoms disappeared before I performed the below tests. accept yeast infection. During this stage I was so worried about my HIV status especially that the girl had disappeared. I have done a series of testing as follows: After 18 days of the second contact (I asked for Elissa Test ) RESULT is NEGATIVE. AFTER 32 DAYS from second contact: I asked for Real Time PCR RNA TEST (SENSITIVITY IS 40Copies/ml) RESULT is NO RNA OR DNA DETECTED. AFTER 32 DAYS also from second contact: I ASKED FOR Ag/Ab combo Test: Results came negative with 0.57<1.

The doctor advised me to do an Elissa test after three month, and was sure with 99.9% that I am not HIV infected.

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Your 32 day test is a good indicator of your true status, but you'll need a 90 day test to confirm it.

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