I recently had sex with a lady and the condom broke during the session. As soon as this happened i withdrew and we both cleaned up. After this she questioned me about when last I had and HIV test and what the result was. It was in December 2013 and the result was negative. she also asked if i have had unprotected sex after that time. I have never had unprotected sex as i always use protection. She was relieved and acknowledged i seemed a clean and honest person. About two weeks after this incident I woke up on a numb left arm which I had slept on awkwardly and some minutes later felt some bouts of dizziness here and there. I have been having tingling sensations in my hands and feet for about two weeks now. Please what could this be?


Hi Because you wore a condom and in fact noticed it right away that it had broken and stopped and cleaned up, the risk of HIV transmission is incredibly low. It is also more difficult for a woman to transmit the virus than a man. Meaning to me that since she asked you all the questions she knows her status.

There are many reasons you could be experiencing these symptoms. It is not HIV, but it could be another STI or just a cold, virus or another reason for these symptoms to occur.

If they continue I would recommend following up with your health care provider for evaluation.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon