Do I have a HIV?


Dear Nelson, I had once a risky sex with one Pro around 11 months back(OCT 11).It was my biggest mistake in my life.I had used Condoms but had done some intimate deep kissing with her. I had checked & the COndom was properly used & it was not broken or anything. After few days later (around 1-2 months)i noticed i started having gum problems. I contacted dental office & they did a oral sclap & deep cleaning but that didn't help. then on last week (11 months post exposure) i had a Lab work done for all STD through labcorp & here is the resoults:

HIV 1/O/2 Abs-Index Value---Result:<1.00---Ref Range: <1.00

Index Value: Specimen reactivity relative to the negative cutoff.

HIV 1/O/2 Abs, Qual Result: Non Reactive --REF range: Non Reactive

HSV 1 IgG, Type Spec result: 4.40 (HIGH) ---- Index: 0.00-0.90

The report shows i got HSV1. Do i also have HIV1? as in the result it shows <1 which is within ref range but in index value it shows: Specimen reactivity relative to the negative cutoff. Also do you think this test on 11 months is a final one or shall i get retested again after 3-4 months or do you suggest any other HIV test may be required? Please suggest with your kind comment as i am spending sleepless nights right now in tension.

Best wishes, Case


Hi there:

Your HIV test result indicates that you are non-reactive, or in other words, HIV negative, This test would be considered conclusive as it is outside of the three month window. I hope this helps.

In health,