hellow docter ,i want to know that someone catch aids by rubbing the penis on floor of a bathroom



Nope. See below.

Dr. Bob

lease help me! I worried very much!Jun 6, 2003

I rubbed my sensitive part of my penis along the floor of my bathroom in the hostel.I'm afraid if someone infected with HIV had ejaculated there in the place where I rubbed.But there were no ejaculations seen to my naked eyes.Also I poured water before I rubbed.Am I infected with HIV.Please give me a clear answer as I'm very much worried and also mentally depressed.Also tell me how long will HIV survive in the environment and how much amount of HIV is needed for a person to get infected.I posed this question many times.But no one answered.Atleast u do.Please Sir.....Am I infected with HIV due to the action I did in the bathroom.Please clearly say me.My life is in your hands only Sir.....Please....Please give a clear answer so that I feel relaxed atleast then...

	Response from Dr. Frascino


The real question here is what were you doing rubbing the "sensitive part of your penis along the floor of your hostel bathroom?" OK, never mind. Your actions, however bizarre, are not a risk for contracting HIV. Check out information on this site and related links to learn basic information on HIV/AIDS. And stop doing that rubbing thing, or they just may throw you out of the hostel for weird behavior. Stay well.

Dr. Bob