Hello,Doctor!Im desperated and i dont know whom to ask my questions.My immune status is rather low,especially cd8,i have a lot of skin deseases,fungus,EBV,CMV,etc. and doctors say that it is due to my weak immune status,I made HI analyses,they are negative.But my children and my husband have all the same problems.First only hiv1 existed,the world didn't know about hiv2 and many people couldn't be diagnised for hiv2 for some period of time.So if now there is another type of hiv they can't diagnise,so if there are families with such problems,if there is a place where blood of such people can be studied in some way?I really dont know what to do.Please help me with your advice.My doctor says that we have some problem,but in our country they don;t do such studies.Thank you and excuce my English.Helena


Hello Helena,

A low CD8 count and past history of EBV, CMV does not mean your immune system is compromised!

HIV disease is an extremely well studied and closely followed illness. There is no HIV-3. Your fears are unwarranted. If your repeated HIV-antibody tests are negative, HIV is not your problem. I'm not saying you don't have a problem. I'm merely advising you HIV is not the cause. I tend to doubt you have anything seriously wrong with your immune system. If your doctor is unable to help, I'd suggest you get a second opinion from another internal medicine physician. Remember, one thing is certain: Your problem is not HIV!

Dr. Bob