HIV for 20 years and current AIDS diagnosis...but recovering


My BF has been poz for at least 20 years. Has resistance to many meds. In 11/2007 restarted therapy, and is 100% compliant. Inital labs in 10/2007 were: CD4 (5)..yes, five! and VL (275,000). As of 12/2007 CD4 (41) and VL (114)...yes 114! Takes Truvada, Reyataz and Norvir. My questions are: Statically, will his CD4 ever be greater than 200 again? And, Statistically, can a person "snap back" from developing AIDS? I can find overwhelming info about HIV but where can I find more information about recovering from AIDS? Thank you


Thanks for your post.

Yes, it is entirely possible to recover from AIDS and have CD4s increase to over 200.. many of our readers have done exactly that. One place to start a scientific review of this topic is to look at the success rates or CD4 count rises in clinical studies

Best of health to your BF. BY