HIV-2 screening and re-testing


A friend recently had a positive western for HIV-2 (repeated twice). She was screening for a clinical trial in which they look for HIV-1 and -2. Because this is rare in the US, she wanted to ensure the samples were not mixed in the lab. She went to a clinic and was re-screened by an OriQuick. The web site said it can only be used for HIV-1, but the FDA states that it has recently been approved for HIV-2 testing. Would her test picked up the HIV-2, or is the Oriquick HIV-1/2 test a seperate test? Please let me know so I can help advise her in what she should do. Thank you.


The test was approved for both viruses at the end of March. Why would you want to rescreen with a screening antibody test, when a confirmatory western blot test was repeatedly positive?