Is this HIV??????


I´m a 26 years old student in sweden. Last year I had unprotected sex with a 20 years old girl. She had only had one unprotected sex before. 3 days later I begun feeling tired, and after some weeks I got the diagnosis mononucleosis. I had a positive monospot and atypical lymphocytes and high liver enzymes. The symptoms were sore throat with with patches and fewer and cough. Some weeks later when the fewer was gone I felt some lightheaded. About sex months later I started feeling pain in my fingers and the top of the hands and the wrists, also pain in my big toe and foot wrist. 2 months later I had some change on my tongue after an infection. The tongue continued to be strange. It looked like geographic tongue. Red areas surrounded by white borders that come and go. The last two week I again was feeling the symptom of fatigue and headache, I did not have fewer. My left hand has some tremor the last 2 month. The Ache is also sometimes in my knees. My left leg over the knee is feeling week and one morning I woke without feeling in the leg.I have also seen some petechie on my body and some itching all over my body.

Is this symptoms to HIV or from the Epstein-Barr mono I Had. And by the way could a positive monospot test be Hiv



Those symptoms are still consistent with your diagnosis of mono. An HIV test would put the matter to rest and would be advisable though it most likely will be negative.
Keith Henry, M.D.