Hip Hop Hong Kong


Yo Dr. Bob -

What up from Hong Kong - 3 weeks ago I was alone and wanted someone to touch on my dong - It was wrong, but unfort I can't take it back - I cheated on my girlfriend and I know that's whack.

I used to be happy - but this stopped all my elation, I'm freaking out over a bout of mutual masturbation. I wanna tell you what happened, maybe rhyme it in a list, and after you read it you can assess me risk.

It went like this:

First I laid down on a table meant for a massage, TV was on - I could hear music and applause - Next she put the oil on the top of my junk, She moved he wrist up and down like she was dancing to funk - My big concern is this - she might have touched herself - and I'm concerned that her fluids could be bad for my health - I don't know what hand she used, or what was what - but I would really appreciate it if you could holler what's what.

Question 1) Handjobs - risk or not risk? Question 2) What if her fluids got all up on my d*ck? Question 3) What about frottage - didn't happen but curious

Please holler back soon cause I'm going so delirious.

Please help me with my Q on mutual masturbation - I'll fire a 50 spot as a charity donation.


Yo Hip Hop Hong Kong Rapper,

I could answer back in rhyme, But that would take too much time. Besides, for those who don't know it, I am not much of a poet.

  1. No risk.

  2. Risk would still be negligible, at best.

  3. No risk.

Relax Mr. Ryhme, HIV did not spoil your good time.

Thanks for your gift. It will give some HIVers a much-needed lift.

Dr. Bob