high wbc and high absolute lymphocytes


DR bob hi, i am a male from greece my name is babis i've written to you some days ago in order to make a donate.in the end of the month i'll donate some of my salary.i started looking in that site after a possible infection from fingering a girl in strip a club when i realised blood in my fingures.i didnt have any cuts on my fingers .that was 3 years ago .now i did routine blood test and i realised that my wbc were 11000 my absolute lymphocytes 4,8 and the percentage of lymphocytes 43.does this numbers rings a bell for hiv infection? i am so scared i have lost my sleep since then.i have read a lot of things here that confused me .for example someone who has high absolute lymphs means that the body may fight the hiv infection ?
and what means the expression ''activate lymphocytes''?are my lymphocytes activate?and my last question is for 4,8 lymphocytes shouldnt i have a bigger percent than 43?thanks again for all your work and i hope to hear an answer from you as soon as possible. KEEP WALKING DR BOB


Hello Babis,

Routine blood tests, such as CBCs, WBCs or absolute lymphocyte counts, cannot be used to suggest or rule out an HIV infection. If you are concerned about HIV, you'll need to get an HIV-antibody test three months or more after your last potential exposure. It really is just that simple and straight forward.

Good luck. Be well.

Dr. Bob