high viral count, CD4 count is fine. what to do?


I tested positive on 26 March and had my further test done on 4 April. My CD4 count is 564 and my VL is 14228. What can I do to get the viral load down?


Hello and thanks for posting.

Other than taking HIV medications, there's not much one does to lower HIV viral load. Increasingly US treatment guidelines are recommending treatment for most individuals who are positive, this is particularly true for persons who are older, or have other health issues.

To clarify your labs, at 14,000, you don't have a high viral load (we typically define high as over 100,000). It's actually on the low side of average.

Typically, with a CD4 count over 500, I'm patient with starting meds, particularly with low to average viral loads. This doesn't mean ignore the situation, but rather to use this time to learn about your virus, your health and your treatment options. A second set of labs in a few months time will help forecast your health trajectory.

I hope that helps, BY