high risk sex: am i hiv positive i have not been tested?


hi there, i have been very sexually active over the years since i was 17 and i am showing up signs that are associated with aids and the virius that infects the body.i have been with 16 to 20 people plus i have experienced beastiality thruought the years and i have never been tested.i was subjected to beastiality when i was 5 yrs or younger and i have continued to suffice my urges with beastiality throught the years.i have dirahea a lot and i now have rashes that have broken out on my biceps recently,they are red and like dry skin but once they are scratched they do not really peel they only get red and when i apply hydrogen proxide they bubble and usally they scar.i have one scar that appeared on my right bicep and i noticed a red spot on my left arm last night so i scratched it then i noticed a spot on my right arm and i scratched it.i got up this morning and they were both broke out and much resembling an open wound.i have a lot of constant seepage from my anus which resembles sweat or a direaha bout.i have not been tested and i intend to be when i can get to the doctor.i have a fiancee of 3 yrs plus and she experiences yeast infections,signs of anemia,direah and signs of being really drained of energy.i intend to be tested and hope that i have not transmited anything to her if the result show that i am hiv positive.i have had sex numerous time unprocted.in the excess of 15 different partners unproteced.along with the beastiality that i have experencied over the years.please post the signs and symptoms of aids and the course of action someone could take to narrow the chance of transmittng the disease.please let this be a e-mail with good news and if not let this be something that someone can learn from.much thanks to you and godspeed


The indicators of HIV/AIDS are too numerous to recount here. However, you have had high-risk sexual activity over a long period of time and you (and your fiancee) should get tested ASAP. Don't put it off-- go tomorrow. If you're indeed HIV+, the sooner you know about it, the sooner you can do things to protect and improve your health (your fiancee, too). Do not have any more unprotected sex-- if you are lucky enough to be HIV-, that's the only way you can be sure of staying HIV-. Good luck!