High Risk? Condom broke..


Dr. Frascino,

I'm a first year university student. For the first time, I tried anal sex today. I knew anal sex is a very high risk for the transmission of HIV, so we used a condom. The guy wore a condom and put his penis into my anus, but for some reason, I felt the condom rip and pulled out RIGHT away (his penis was in me for literally 1 second).

The boy was my age (19) and he said that he works part time for the government and gets tested - he says he is negative.

What should I do? This happened three hours ago and I went and saw a doctor. He told me not to worry too much, but I am not sure what to do.

Any suggestions? I'm scared to death. Please help me.



I would agree with your doctor. Your HIV-acquisition risk would be extremely remote. If you are still in touch with your top gun, you could ask him to get a rapid HIV test. Results are available within 20 minutes. If he tests negative, you can relax considerably. The only risk if he tests negative would be that he is in his "window period." That would be an extremely unlikely scenario.

As for other suggestions:

Review proper condom technique. When used properly, they very seldom fail (break). Also, when having any penetrative sex, but particularly anal sex, remember: "lubrication is your friend." Use it liberally, and remember to make sure your lube is compatible with your condom!

Get a single HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark to put any residual fears permanently to rest.

Good luck!

Dr. Bob