high liver enzymes


hello doctor. thank you for your time in answering all our questions. i was diagnose a year ago and my cd4 were 310 and vl 10000, i been taking atripla for about 10 months and my liver enzymes are going higher ast are now 80 and my alt are 160. the doctor wants to do some others test and he told me that maybe i will have to change atripla for other medication. i dont have hepatitis a-b-c according to the labs. my question is do you think that are other medications that will cause less damage to my liver or atripla is the one that cause less damage? i do not drink maybe 1 beer a month, and i try to eat healthy, drink coffe avery day in the morning. thanks


Sounds like it could be the Atripla. Yes, there are other choices that won't increase your liver enzymes.