High cd8 lymphocytes


I have been living with HIV for almost 17 years. My recent lab tests were as follows Total cd3 lymphocytes 2400 Cd4 lymphocytes 754 Cd4 lymphocytes % 25 Cd8 lymphocytes 1628 Cd8 lymphocytes % 55 Cd4 cd8 ratio 0.46

My Doctor said I'm okay. My CBC was all normal but i am experiencing chills and body pains and also losing weight and doctors are not telling me why I'm having chills and losing weight. Currently i am on atanazor and duomune ie lamivudine and tenofovir


I agree with your doctor, in terms of your numbers. The CD8 count will usually be elevated because of HIV infection. The CD8 cells are the major type of cell that fights HIV infection, so you will naturally see an increase.