Is hidradenitis suppurativa associated with HIV?


sorry for the massacre in spelling. I just wanted to clear something I read that you wrote up. You stated that this condition had to do with seat glands closing Is this a problem that the general population can get, or HIV specific. Along with many others on this web site, there are many people who have armpit pain and are testing negative. Someone else has tried to clarify this. Can this cause armpit pain, or could to the pain be due to nodes that are unfelt. Also could this problem cause swelling of nodes in grion and armpit? THANKYOU SO VERY MUCH, I WOULD JUST LIKE TO UNDERSTAND


Hidradenitis suppurativa can affect HIV-s and HIV+s; it isn't specifically associated with HIV. This condition can cause armpit pain, as can swollen lymph nodes in the area. However these two problems can be distinguished by examination.