Hi, really need to know, hiv in refrigerator freezer?


Hello doctor, This question has been haunting me for a while, i did not find an answer on this forum. If some infected blood got in contact inside of my freezer will it stay alive? I had a friend use it several times for taking out ice and his status is questionable, he always picks his cuticles and his fingers dont look healthy at all.My boyfirend has a habit always rubbing his eyes, can he catch hiv like that after taking something out of the freezer and rubbing his eyes later? If he came in contact with the fluid left there, or if you have broken skin? My question may look silly, but i really need to know. Thank you for your answer. K.


No no no.

HIV is actually difficult to transmit, insofar as it takes specific circumstances:

A body fluid carrying HIV (blood, semen, vaginal fluid, or breast milk) needs to come out of someone's body and go immediately/directly inside the body of another person.

This only happens in specific instances like condomless sex.

None of this is going on in your situation. And then you added in the freezer factor. It doesn't even matter at that point, because the HIV would already be dead.

Hope this helps,