Hi Good Doc, Pleaseee helppp meee


Hi Dr, you are angel and you have filled light in lots of lives. I wont take too much of your time and dive in direct to the qeuestion.

I am male 28, heterosexual, dont take any drugs. I slept with about 6 different prostitutes in the last one month. Always used a condom for vaginal and oral sex. Had intense deep kissing and licking on each other's body. I was careful to check the condoms each time after sex and they appeared to be really intact.

I wasn't concerned initially coz i thought i was having safe sex. But since three days i have come down with severe cold and cough, body ache, and fatigue. My doc diagnosed my and said that it is viral fever though i did not tell my doc about my sex acts.

I think i am safe when it comes to HIV and it is just a coincidence but you see i am a novice. You are a super expert and so please advise if i had a risk and if the testing is really needed? Thank you so much doc. I am not in a position to donate right now but will surely try to do something in the future.

Thank you for replying to my post. -Jamie


Hello Jamie,

HIV cannot permeate intact latex (or polyurethane). Consequently if you used condoms correctly and they did not fail (break), your HIV-acquisition risk would be nonexistent.

If my reassurance is not enough for you to shake your worries, get a single HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark. The results will undoubtedly be negative.

Continue to play safe and you'll stay safe. Be well.

Dr. Bob