Hi Dr, bob, need help desperately, have donated, will donate more!


Dear Dr. Bob, Hope all is well, thanks in anticipation of a reply.

I am going crazy over here, worried about a exposure I had on the 10th of November. I went to a massage parlor, and had a blow job. I think took a break and had the lady put on another condom and inserted it for about 20 seconds. I then changed my mind and got a blow job instead. At this point she changed the condom and put on a new one for the blow job. My fears are this:

  1. What is she had vaginal secretions on her hand from removing the condom and touched my penis (uncircumcised) on the inside?
  2. She was using rubbing alcohol to clean the penis between blow jobs and condom removals, can this cause irritation on my foreskin and make it easier for the virus to enter?
  3. YOu have said that exposure to air will kill the HIV virus, then why is it that it is recommended to change the condom when having sex with 2 women? If they virus is killed when exposed to the air, then it should be ok to move from one vagina to the other without risk right? I feel like I am gonna go nuts thinking about this Doc, please answer these questions for me, I will donate to the site regardless, I have in the past also.....thanks a ton ...



  1. This is essentially a non-risk.

  2. Not if the latex condoms were used properly and did not fail (break).

  3. Changing condoms is recommended to prevent transmissions of STDs and other infections. For instance, if you had anal sex and then proceeded to vaginal sex with the same or another gal-pal, you could give gal #2 a bacterial vaginal infection.

You played by safer sex guidelines. Relax Max. I see no cause for concern.

Thanks for your donation to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation (www.concertedeffort.org). It's warmly appreciated.

Be well. Happy 2010.

Dr. Bob