herpes virus 6


my question is concerning the lesser known herpes virus type 6, my health is a bit complicated as i am recovering and now getting well from several years of chronic fatigue syndrome, during this ilness i had a mono type viral infection caused by epstein-barr and cytomegalo virus, though no longer ill with this my body seems to have a very very senstive immune system and reacts to alot of different things (envirornmental allergies, chemical senstivity ect.), None of my gf's has ever caught any herpes from me, i have never in my life had a genital outbreakand i don't have HSV simplex 2, but what is weird is i have snowballed will a gf and later tested by taking my own semen in my mouth, and every single time it gives me a mild type herpes outbreak where i get these mirgrating little aches and pinching feelings inside my mouth, and it takes a long time for it to go away, but so far no one but myself has ever caught this from me, and my health expert says it is the presense of herpes virus 6 that is somthing common in people with suppressed immune systems such as those with HIV or in my case a long caes of severe chronic fatigue sydrome, so i am concerned if this type of herpes i have is catching to my partners via oral sex, or is it somthing that only effects people with a predisposition to it such as myself. I have heard alot about HSV 1 and 2, but do not understand the nature of this herpes virus 6. it just seems to me that my semen causes cold sores, but not to my two ex gf's just to myself.

can you shed any light on this



This is an HIV/AIDS information Web site; consequently, I'll only respond very briefly. The reason I'm responding at all is that I'm concerned about the information you are getting from your "health expert."

First off, "chronic fatigue syndrome" is a very over-diagnosed condition and the vast majority of folks who have been given this diagnosis actually have a very different underlying cause for their symptoms.

Second, "environmental allergies/chemical sensitivities" is another condition that is similarly over-diagnosed. If you are concerned about your immune system, I suggest you see a Board-Certified Immunologist. Chances are your immune system is just fine and dandy.

Next, why do you think "mirgrating little aches and pinching feelings" are related to a "mild type of herpes outbreak?" The advice your "health expert" gave you about HHV6 is bogus. Your immune system is neither suppressed nor deficient. HHV6 is among the most widespread of human herpes viruses. In infants and young children, it can cause exanthema subitum (Roseola infantum) and flu-like illnesses with fever and rash. In people with normal immune systems, HHV6 causes no symptoms. There are many, many, many viruses out there, like HHV6, which infect people, yet do not cause illness. In folks with severe immunodeficiency or immunosuppression, these types of viruses may in some cases induce some symptoms, such as pneumonitis or neurological symptoms. However, it is my very strong suspicion that from what you've written, you have no cause for concern. I do suggest you get a second opinion from a qualified immunologist who can help explain your Epstein-Barr and CMV antibody titers (most likely indicative of past infection) and also explain any concerns you may have about immunologic integrity or chemical sensitivities.

There is considerable light that could and should be shed on these issues.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob