when does herpes strikes...


Dear Doc,

May I ask and know when does herpes virus would strike on during the HIV infection

when does it occurs in the body? and also in the mouth?

What particular part in the body does it commonly appears aside from the mouth?? (on the head of the penis??)

Hope for your kind answer and reply. Thank you.


Herpes can be the usual lip/mouth sores or sores in the genital area, just like HIV- people have. These sores go away in 10 days or less and can happen at any stae of HIV disease. In advanced HIV disease, when CD4 cells are around 200 or less, herpes lesions can become large ulcerations that don't heal readily. When these lesions persist for more than a month, then the herpes is considered an AIDS-defining illness, because a large sore that remains for more than a month indicates a damaged immune system.