Herpes Simplex in corners of mouth


I have been positive for 5 years and not on meds yet. For the past six months I have developed cold sores at the inside corners of the mouth. The severity seems to fluctuate and is very irritating as the skin cracks and sometimes bleeds. I have tried using Zovirax, but it only seems to reduce the symptom and does not eliminate the problem. Is there anything that will get rid of this or is it a symptom of viral load and disease progression.


First of all, are you certain that what you have is herpes? Often, the same symptom of sores and crackingat the corners of the mouth ("angular cheilitis" in medical terminology) can be due to candida (yeast). If your symptoms are due to candida, then it is not surprisinf that you don't get lasting relief from acyclovir (Zovirax). Check with your doctor, and see if a trial of candida therapy will help. Also: I hope you were using acyclovir tablets, and not acyclovir ointment. If it were due to herpes, you could only really expect a response from the pill form.