Hi Dr. Bob or Should I say Dr. God

How are you doing these days? I love your outlook on live, so positive.

What I was wondering, is I recently had a hiv test done 6 months after possible exposure which was negative..can I woohoo?? My exposure was unprotected fellatio and protected vaginal sex from a woman of unknown status. Also, I've been experiencing what feels like an irritated spot on my penis, it feels like it could be a sore but there is no lesion or blister. Could this be herpes? Can herpes show up 6-7months after exposure? If it is herpes would it more likely be HSV -1? I did not notice any sores on her mouth or anything. Can anxiety make me think I have herpes and cause my skin to feel this way?

Thank you for your time Dr.

sincerely, Frank


Hey Frank,

  1. Yep, no doubt about it. I'm definitely "positive" (in every sense of the word).

  2. Yep, you are now WOO-HOO certified.

  3. I cannot diagnose your "irritated spot" over the Internet. Sorry. Your physician should be able to evaluate this probably without difficultly.

  4. Anxiety can do just about anything! Check the archives and you'll see what I mean!

Stay well, Frank!

Dr. Bob