I'm infected July 2006 with syyphilis. I have not test but secondary signs are showing up. Also appears that I had 4 outbreaks of Herpes (to be confirmed if it is herpes). My doctor saw it and said you have lesions likely to be genital herpes. The first incident was end of Sept with 2 pimples on my testicles. Second time was 2 weeks later, and it was one pimple in the same place. Third time was a week later and it had a pimple on my penis. The last one was 2 weeks later and this time was together with syphilis and left a mark on my skin.

Is it possible I have hiv given I get recurring genital herpes so frequently?


It is quite possible to get recurrent genital herpes as often as you describe without HIV infection. I would urge you, however, to undergo all the testing that is needed to confirm the diagnosis of genital herpes as specific treatment is available to you to prevent outbreaks and reduce the risk of transmission to others...but only if the diagnosis of genital herpes is confirmed. This being said, the same factors that lead to transmission of genital herpes and syphilis also transmit HIV...all the more likely if you were exposed to HIV at a time that you had open genital sores. It is our policy to test for HIV whenever anyone presents with another sexually transmitted infection, especially in the case of those causing open sores such as genital herpes and syphilis.