herpes 6


Went to the doc today to get blood work results... the reason i went to the doc was i was having all kinds of issues with my ears,(ringing, pressure, ect..) so took blood work... i know i have been having a problem with my lymph-nodes for quite sometime now but never understood why since i was tested for all diseases and things plenty of times and even donated blood not to long ago and they took it, so thought everything was fine.... well all results came back messed up white blood cells where raised and lipids and everything too showing signs of an infection... HIV came back undetected..and herpes 1 &2 as well undetected and hep. as well undetected..... but herpes virus 6 came back saying 1:40H past infection what does this mean the paper says it affects my t lymph's... and the doctor told me people with hiv mostly acquire this... so how do i have it if i tested neg. for hiv should i get a different test than the elsa or and how do i treat this herpes 6 and is it contagious is it like an std please doc help this is got me super worried man .... i have been with the same girl for 8 months don't want to give this to her should she be concerned? have donated before and will of course be happy to do so again thanks doc



Human herpes virus 6 (HHV-6) infection is extremely common and is often asymptomatic. Symptomatic HHV-6 manifestations occur predominantly in infants and after either primary or reactivation disease in immunocompromised adults. HHV-6 infection is ubiquitous worldwide with greater than 90% seropositivity (showing evidence of past infection on laboratory tests) reported in children older than two years. Your lab results reveal you are part of the 90% of the population older than two years who has had HHV-6 in the past. It does not indicate a recent infection or reactivation of an old infection. Your test result would not account for your current symptoms.

Regarding your HIV serostatus, if your ELISA was negative three months or longer after your most recent potential HIV exposure, it can be considered definitive.

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