here, there...HPV everywhere


dear doctor,

i am currently on haart, and doing ok (vl-200, cd4 400). however, I seem to have a recurring problem with HPV EVRYWHERE. I have had various plantar warts removed (and still have some new ones), anal warts removed or burned almost every month for the last 8 months since we discovered them, and now to top it all off, two samll warts on the endge of my question is : why does my body seem to have such a hard time with HPV? other infections and bugs seem to be kept at bay alright by my immune system, but HPV is kicking butt. Also, are all these warts in different parts of my body caused by the same strain or diferent? am I more susceptible to anal/mouth/skin cancer because of the HPV? is there anything out there or in the pipeline that can at least stimulate the body to fight HPV better?

thank you so much.

I am getting a little tired and disappointed that I have to have an ppointment every month to remove a wart from somewhere on my body.


I have taken care of people in the same situation as yourself. Probably there is a 'hole' in the fabric of the immune system that does not permit your body to "see" the HPV. It isn't known whether this may improve with time, although I'm skeptical from my experience. These may be caused by the same or different HPV strains. It isn't known for sure whether you will have a higher risk of HPV-associated cancer, but I would guess that your risk may be somewhat higher than the average.

I'm not aware of anything in development that will improve the immune response to HPV.