herbal vitamins and meds


dear dr. can i take herbal vitamins and combivar and viracept together? here are the ingredients in a product called tri chromaleane made by achievers unlimited, they include,chromium picolinate,ma-huang,guarana,white willow bark,bladderwrack,gotukola,siberian ginseng,beepollen,reishi-mushroom,astragalus,licorice root,ginger root,rehmannia root?also are water pills ok to take? thanks


Water pills are OK to take. I cannot answer for certain that all the ingredients in that herbal med are OK. These compounds have not been studied together with HIV meds to look for side effects. Many people are doing herbals and are having no side effects. If you proceed, notify your doc, because if you become ill, or have blood test abnormalities, they will need to sort out what the symptoms may be due to. MH