Hepatits C equivocal


Please help me waht is equivocal? and what is not detected does it mean negative below is text of my test result Hepatitis C Antibody Equivocal* Supplementary Hepatitis C Ab Not Detected Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Not Detected No evidence of current or chronic Hepatitis B virus infection. (For investigation of past infection, please request Hepatitis B core antibody. For investigation of immune status, please request Hepatitis B surface antibody.) This equivocal hepatitis C virus (HCV) antibody result most likely represents a 'false positive' result ie no evidence of current or past HCV infection. However, if recent infection or exposure is suspected, please send a further sample in 2-3 weeks to exclude a rise in HCV antibody levels. HCV PCR would also be of value if further clarification were required.


The answer is actualy at the bottom of the test result. Let me explain it in further detail.

An equivocal HCV antibody is probably misleading and you are not infected.

However, if you are concerned about a recent exposure to HCV and that is why you got tested in the first place, I would recommend HCV RNA testing to see if you have new virus in your blood from new infection.

When persons get newly infected, virus will come into the blood before an antibody is formed. Also remember that most people with acute HCV infection don't have any symptoms.

Your hepatitis B surface antigen test is "not detected" which is good news. If you are at risk for HBV (or HCV) infection (eg, you use injection drugs or you a man who has sex with men) you should also get vaccinated against hepatitis B. This is a great vaccine and I strongly recommend it to protect you from future exposure.