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taking hepatitis vaccine needed? Jan 8, 2010

hello DR thanks for your resent reply about http://www.thebody.com/Forums/AIDS/SideEffects/Current/Q205995.html .my question are,is't possible to take hepatitis B or A vaccine while i was on truvada and sustiva my cd4 is 290 vl undetectable.?2)is't good to drink red wine atleast a bottle a week?3)is't good to take antiboitics if i have some infections that require it?.thankx

Response from Dr. Henry

HIV+ patients on Atripla (or Sustiva/efavirenz + Truvada) with CD4 counts 290 and HIV levels undetectable generally can safely (usually with good immune response) take hepatitis A and B vaccines. The health benefits of red wine remain somewhat debatable but data does exist that low/modest red wine consumption can increase HDL (good cholesterol)levels modestly which may have a positive health benefit. Alcohol is not recommended for persons with hepatitis C and some other forms of liver damage. KH

hello DR , now that i've finished my three times hepatitis vaccine shot on 27/7/10, but i ask my ID doc what else to do to know the potencial benefit of the vaccine i took he said after 6 month.but i thought he suppose to do test to if the vaccine work or not ,anyway i don't know how to put the question but what i'm i going ask him perhaps if the vaccine work, i mean what test could he perform again to make sure that my immune accept it or the possitive of vaccine?


When your viral load is suppressed it is a GREAT time to take hepatitis vaccines, like hepatitis A and B.

There is not good information about what is a safe quantity of wine to drink each week when you have hepatitis infection. It also depends on how much liver disease you have. This is a better question for your doctor.

Antibiotics can be taken by patients with liver disease. In fact, patients with decompensated cirrhosis and ascites often have to take antibiotics if they have infection of the fluid in their belly.