Hepatitis/HIV Concern after Barber Shop Visit


My husband just returned from the barber shop with a cute haircut but when he turned around I saw that his neck was bleeding. Apparently, the barber shaved him with a straight razor on the back of the neck and he has actual visible cuts. I am petrified of Hepatitis exposure or even HIV. Should he go to the doctor immediately for testing or preventive meds? How long does it take these viruses to show up as active in blood work results? I asked him if the razor was soaking in any kind of solution but he said his back was to the equipment and he didn't see where the razor came from. Help!


Barber shops have requirements for sterilizing equipment and managing waste. Your husband could go back to the barber shop to determine if they have a license and if they abide by standard rules.

If he has a concern about anything he sees or any answers he hears to his questions, he can discuss this further with his physician - and with the governing board for barber shops in your particular state.