Hepatitis C Itchy Rash


Does hep C cause terrible, dry, itchy rashes all over the body? In stage 4 liver disease. Not doing treatment. Going crazy witch itching from the inside out. Nothing works. Thank you!


Itchy skin can be so annoying...I understand your frustration, but am uncertain if your problem is related to your HCV or not. There are so many causes of itchy. skin...

First of all, itchy skin can be related to severe dry skin, which is a very common problem. The first thing I would try is to go in the shower and then while your skin is still moist, I would put on a good skin cream of your choice (one like Eucerin). See if that helps. If so, you can ask your doctor for some prescription cream that might be even better

If that does not help, then I would wonder about your bilirubin level and would suggest that you see your doctor for some blood testing. In addition, a low active thyroid gland can also cause some itching so it would be good to check that blood test as well.

Sometimes, the cause of itchy skin is not clear, but there are some good medications that can give relief, so I suspect you will be more comfortable in time when you get evaluated by your doctor.