hepatitis b test results


In 1982 I was diagnosed with hepatitis b my test results today are Core Total Abs Positive Core IGM Abs Negative Surface Abs Negative Surface Antigen Negative E Antigen Negative E Abs Positive Virus DNA UltraQuant 1 pg=approximately 150,000 copies <0.01 AST 24 ALT 23 What does this mean? Have I cleared the virus and do I need the Hepatitis B shots? Please answer I am so confused.


I understand why you are confused. Your panel of laboratory results simply do not make sense.

If you are a carrier of hepatitis B, your surface antigen should be positive. However, yours is negative.

You have evidence of HBV DNA. However, the level is extremely low.

Your liver function tests are normal.

I would have your physician speak directly to the laboratory manager to have them retest your blood or have the manager comment on these results, since this person will understand that they simply do not ring true.

Dr. M